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Transition Network: Project Sharing Engine

Another Transition Network project, and funded by the Nominet Trust... We're currently in the design phase of an ambitious project to investigate the idea that sharing an interface to a website would allow the sharing of knowledge and resources around the web. This is the interactive 'son of' the existing News Sharing Engine.

Transition Network: News Sharing Engine

As part of Phase III of the Transition Network web project, I built a stand alone aggregation engine that could collate and disseminate news from around the Transition Network.

Transition Network

The Transtion Network website is has been my biggest and most complicated web project to date. It was split into 5 phases beginning in September 2009 with the import and move from their old Transition Towns wiki to a new Drupal-based site. Later stages improved the site and added capacity, with the last phase ending December 2012.

It is big, well used and has a rich set of features including:

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