Transition Network: News Sharing Engine

As part of Phase III of the Transition Network web project, I built a stand alone aggregation engine that could collate and disseminate news from around the Transition Network.

It linked into the Transition Initiatives directory and is able to automatically get news for an initiative profile provided the 'News feed' field was filled. From here, the news is associated with a 'Feed meta' node which connects the initiative's location and website to its news. This enables the news in the system to be queried via a very simple web service by location and proximity, country or just recent news.

The site integrates with a custom Panels pane on each Initiative page, providing an interface that displays each initiative's news back onto their profile page. It also automatically includes others as new news feeds are added to initiative profiles.

Update, August 2013: It's been running without hitch for over 2.5 years now and, though the value to the audience of the actual news data is in doubt, the News Sharing Engine is something that has influenced other projects including the Project Shring Engine and the International Initiative Registration Service (project profile pending).

Project timescales: 
November 2010 to January 2011
Completed, support & maintenance
Homepage - Transition Network Sharing Engine
Sources map - Transition Network Sharing Engine
Sharing Engine Integration with main Transition site via custom Panel
The Sharing Engine powers 'Community News' section on Transition Network website

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