Transition Network

The Transtion Network website is has been my biggest and most complicated web project to date. It was split into 5 phases beginning in September 2009 with the import and move from their old Transition Towns wiki to a new Drupal-based site. Later stages improved the site and added capacity, with the last phase ending December 2012.

It is big, well used and has a rich set of features including:

  • Blogs, news, social reporting, events and feeds from related sites.
  • Directories of Initiatives, Projects, Events, People and Resources across the movement - and world.
  • Thousands of users (nearing 10,000)
  • Extentensive mapping & location views
  • Integration with the news Sharing Engine that imports news for initiatives from around the web.
  • Organic Groups-based 'Community Microsites' that allow small initiatives to get a well featured web presence without having to run their own site.

More soon...

Project timescales: 
September 2009 to March 2013
Completed, support & maintenance
Transition Network homepage
Transition Network Projects Directory
Transition Network Initiative map zoomed in on London
Transition Network Top Stories
Transition Network Resource directory video entry
Transition Network Energy topic page
Transition Network - Initiative Directory page for Bro Ddyfi

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