Tolley Seminars Online

Tolley Seminars Online is a site that allows subscribing accountants and tax professionals to keep up with changes in their industry by watching (or listening) to seminars by respected lecturers. I built this website using Drupal 6 a few years back and worked in collaboration with Phenomenists, and have added to it and done maintenance ever since.

The site features:

  • A bespoke media staging module — Every month many new lectures are added to the system, each with quite large audio (mp3), video presentation (currently Flash-only but I'm extendnig this right now), plus related notes and Windows executable Flash files. I designed the process to auto-attach the correct set of files (from a location accessible from a VPN) to the correct seminar nodes automatically when saved.
  • Continuous Professional Development (CPD) tracker & reporting — The CPD Tracker logs what seminars subscribers watch and the files they download so that they can keep track of their progress and prove their work to their professional body. These users can set at CPD target for the year which allows them to track their progress per Seminar as either 'Structured' points and 'Unstructured' time. Finally, they can print a report to send to their professional body.
  • A flexible promotion codes system — I wrote a module to extend the behaviour of the Registration codes module that allows any seminar or group of seminars to be added to a promotion for a limited period of time.
  • Plenty of custom reports — To allow administrators to find or track users grouped by organisation or parent organisation, or filtered by name, internal ID or promotion codes used etc.

I'm presently working on redesigning and building replacing the rather old-fashioned theme with a new, clean responsive theme that works on tiny mobile devices all the way up to HD+ screens. This also means changing the way content is delivered from Flash-only or download to also include auto-selection of Mpeg 4 video files (h.264) so devices that cannot run Adobe Flash can be supported, like iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod) plus other Android or Blackberry systems and certain Linux or BSD systems. This work is due to be launched soon!

More soon...

Project timescales: 
April 2010 to January 2012
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Responsive theme (not launched yet) - A seminar page - Tolley Seminars
CPD Tracker - normal width responsive theme (not launched yet) - Tolley Seminars
CPD Tracker - narrow/mobile responsive theme (launching soon) - Tolley Seminars

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