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My projects are listed below, with the most recently worked on first. Each one has screenshots and links, plus describes a little about what I did for the client, and what features and services I provided. Please note I'm now permanently employed and am not available for freelance/contract work.

This list is also rather out of date... I'll be adding more projects shortly, including: Demolition & Salvage Ltd, English Project, Transition US and WinACC.

Details to follow but you can see the DEMO WIDGET below -- work in progress!!

Transition Project Sharing Engine: Lifecycle Diagram

Another Transition Network project, and funded by the Nominet Trust... We're currently in the design phase of an ambitious project to investigate the idea that sharing an interface to a website would allow the sharing of knowledge and resources around the web. This is the interactive 'son of' the existing News Sharing Engine.

Transition Network homepage

The Transtion Network website is has been my biggest and most complicated web project to date. It was split into 5 phases beginning in September 2009 with the import and move from their old Transition Towns wiki to a new Drupal-based site. Later stages improved the site and added capacity, with the last phase ending December 2012.

It is big, well used and has a rich set of features including:

Homepage - Sustainable Dorset

Originally built to replace DA21's (Dorest Agenda 21) website and directory of sustainable organisations, this is a big site that allows visitors to see all that's going on in the sustainability realm within Dorset, UK.

The site covers many streams of content, from news and events to funding, training, resources, plus the improved "Directory of Sustainable Organisations". Each content item can be related to others, and indeed to the area within Dorset or the topic it matches.

Home - Energy Bulletin

Energy Bulletin is a HUGE site with tens of thousands of pages and many, many daily visitors. I didn't create this site, but I took over maintenance and development a couple of years back.

Homepage - HD resolution

I was approached to do a simple but punchy Drupal 7 site with a bespoke mobile-friendly theme for a local company of demoltion and salvage experts. They wanted to show off their cool machinery and expertise while ensuring they climb up the search engine rankings for searches in their field.

Details to follow...

OLD theme! - Homepage - Tolley Seminars

Tolley Seminars Online is a site that allows subscribing accountants and tax professionals to keep up with changes in their industry by watching (or listening) to seminars by respected lecturers. I built this website using Drupal 6 a few years back and worked in collaboration with Phenomenists, and have added to it and done maintenance ever since.

The site features:

Home - Community Pathways

A huge amount of research went into this site which covers nearly 40 different community approaches to action on climate change.

Details to follow...

Portfolio page - AM Bull

A simple content managed website for my plumber friend. It's set up to allow him and his staff to be able to update it with news, testimonals or photos of their projects as they go, whilst providing excellent SEO capabilities.

Homepage - Urban Vault

Urban Vault is a UK urban music, clothing, lifestyle and culture site with many features including competitions, news, events, interviews and a clothing store built in Ubercart.

My good friend, Giles Sawyer, and I first discussed creating a lifestyle site and store more than three years ago. Over those years, the idea grew into Urban Vault, which has grown from a simple news site with a online store to a popular, vibrant destination for anyone into the UK urban scene.

More soon...

Homepage - Daniel Musselwhite Jewellery

An online store based on Drupal and Ubercart for a good friend who runs his own jewellery business. I built a custom Drupal theme and set up many views, panels and content types to support his varied product ranges.

Homepage with animations - Eco Workshops

This site is all about sustainable design and new ides for your home, and as such it needed a warm, stylish look and crisp-looking functionality. The client had a strong sense of what they wanted, so converting this into a Drupal theme and extending their vision across views, panels, pages, fields and images was the main task.

Homepage - Transition Network Sharing Engine

As part of Phase III of the Transition Network web project, I built a stand alone aggregation engine that could collate and disseminate news from around the Transition Network.

Homepage - Winchester Green Party

I co-founded Winchester Green Party in 2007, and stood in several city and county elections. In that time I also built the local party a website that could keep voters up to date with campaigns, news and other elections as they happened. It has a members-only area and a clean custom theme designed by me, and recently I extended the campaigns section.

I'm not involved with party politics any more (not my thing it turns out!), but I continue to provide moral and technical support, plus hosting for Winchester Green Party's website.

'Climate Change Condensed' training course page - COIN

Completed in 2009, this is a simple Drupal 6 site with a bespoke 'Fair Weather' theme - one of the earliest Drupal themes I designed and built. The site features events with signups and mapping, calendars, news and more.

Note this site has since been replaced with a newer version.

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